After leaving Reservoir, your tattoo will be covered by a piece of saniderm or derm shield. Both work the same way. We recommend you keep the wrap on for 3 days for smaller tattoos and 2 days for larger tattoos. For very small tattoos, like fine line or 1 inch by 1 inch where only a little ink is used for the tattoo, you can leave the wrap on for up to 5 days as long as the tattoo looks like it hasnt released too much fluid. If the wrap begins to bleed through and leak or if the skin becomes irritated, we highly recommend you take off the wrap immediately.

When taking the wrap off, it is best to have water run over the bandage. The wrap is waterproof and you can shower with it on but allowing running water to hit between the skin and wrap will make it easier to take it off. When the wrap is taken off completely, make sure to clean the area of the tattoo with water and soap (dial unscented LIQUID soap would be the best).

The tattoo will look a little dull after removing the bandage and even during the duration of the healing but this is normal. After cleaning, pat dry the tattoo with a clean towel and make sure it is completely dry before applying lotion. We recommend letting the tattoo breath for about an hour before applying the lotion. The lotion that we recommend is Eucerin Advanced Repair. Make sure to apply the lotion when needed, that being whenever the tattoo looks dry.

After the first week, the tattoo will begin to peel and dry, this is completely normal. Essentially what is happening is the open wound (tattoo) has closed and the peeling portion is just the uppermost layer of the skin healing. DO NOT pick at or irritate the skin, especially during this phase. It will become itchy and feel like a sunburn. When the itching becomes too unbearable to avoid, using lotion will be the best way to soothe the skin. For the most part, it is good to at least apply the lotion 4 times a day, once upon waking up, once before bed and twice in between throughout the day. If at any point the tattoo may be exposed to anything like dirt or sweat, it is important to wash it down again very gently. It is best to restrain from working out or sweating heavily for about a week MINIMUM. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and from swimming, away from spas, jacuzzis, pools, etc.

Everyone's body is different so as long as the tattoo stays moisturized, it will heal fine. The tattoo should take around 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. You can always tell when it is fully healed when the ink settles into the skin and the color and tone is fully saturated and back to normal vibrancy. Feel free to give us a call if you ever have any questions, we're always happy to help!


After receiving a new piercing, you must clean the piercing 3 times a day for the first week, 2 times a day for the second week, once a day for the thirdweek and every week after that is once every other day.

It is IMPORTANT to not spray directly on the piercing. The correct way is to spray the H2Ocean solution into the cap of the bottle, grab a Q-Tip, dip the Q-tip into the solution and push the jewelry all the way to either side, clean inside the open side, push the jewelry towards the other way and clean the remaining side. It is important to get the solution inside the piercing and not just the jewelry. These instructions are given during the piercing procedure by the piercer.

For any remaining questions we recommend giving us a call at (213) 908-5249.